Super soft water and soft taste. Sake mini size tasting set

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We will deliver a 180ml drinking comparison set of sake with a soft taste that uses ultra-soft water that is easy to drink even for first-timers.

Because the sake is brewed without the peculiar peculiarities of Japanese sake, it has a light and refreshing taste.

Based on the idea that the food is the main dish and the alcohol is just a complement, the aroma of the alcohol is suppressed and the taste is gentle and gentle.

You can enjoy the sharpness of the aftertaste as it goes down your throat, and you can't help but want to drink.

Please enjoy three types of Junmai Daiginjo sake, Junmai Ginjo sake, and Junmai sake, which are not mass-produced and are made with time and effort.

・What is ultra-soft water sake?
The water used for sake brewing is ultra-soft water with a hardness of 7. Water with a hardness of 10 or less is extremely rare even among soft waters, resulting in a sake with a soft mouthfeel that can be gulped down.